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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 28, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news this morning, bracing for don. >> the texas coast prepares for the season's first landfall, the powerful storm but is the dangerous system actually a blessing for the bone dry state. tempers flare in tinseltown. police in riot gear are called to a hollywood landmark overnight. what is this guy doing? jumping on to the back of a monster shark? is he brave or just plain crazy? good morning, evererne. i'm tanya rivero. >> and i'm rob nelson. a huge part of texas is in the crosshairs, they need rain. >> this is the tropical storm
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don whipping up 40-mile-an-hour winds but it is expected to strengthenwaters. waters. >> by tomorrow afternoon it should be packing 65-mile-an-hour winds and is expected to make landfall near corpus christi. that c inches inches of rain from brownsville, san antonio, austin and houston. with 75% of texas now baking in exceptional drought that drenching rain will actually help but it's not likely to actually break the drought. on top of that ranchers have to contend with grasp hoppers, hordes of them eating up whatever grass is left for the cows. this year's plague is one of the largest in years thanks to the heat. another storm is a political one, the clash over plans to solve the nation's debt crisis. >> four days to go until it defaults on its bills. there is a plan by speaker john boehner but it's almost dead on arrival. >> karen traversrings us up to date. >> reporter: good mornrng.
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speaker boehner is facing fierce resistance from conservatives many backed by the tea party who say his plan doesn't go far enough. it's still unclear that he has the support he needs. boehner is facing a critical test. the house is set to raise a vote and cut near a trillion from the deficit. he's working furious. in a meeting yesterday boehner laid down the loss, get your ass in line, he says, i can't do this job unless you're behind me. his threat might just work. >> i'm a conservative and you say i'm a pretty hard-line conservative. i'm going to support it. >> i moved from undecided to lean yes. it's just a matter of we've got to take what we can get. >> reporter: the tension in the republican party was on full display yesterday. >> it's unfair, it's bizarreo and maybe some who have only
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been in the body for six or seven months really believe that. others know better. others know better. >> reporter: the white house threatened to vetoo hisplan. the president wants it raised till the spring of 2013 to repeat this before the election next year. the dow plummet eed nearly 200 points. >> this is tough medicine to hear but you probably shouldn't have money in the stock market that you can't afford to lose. >> reporter: it is not expected to pass the senate. it's back to negotiations and back to that game of who blinks first. rob? >> and, karen, quick questiti. president obama has been pleasured to invoke the 14th amendment, that's a move that president clinton supports but what's the white house's reaction. >> reporter: the press secretary
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said yesterday there are no off-ramp, no escapes. president obama said this is not the best compromise. >> see what happens in the next few days. thank you, karen travers, reporting from washington. in new hampshire an fbi team of experts and many others are now involved in the desperate search for a missing 11-year-old girl. celina cass disappeared from her family's home sometime between monday night and tuesday morning. authorities are baffled and say there is no sign of air struggle and no one knows why she would have possibly run away. check this out. an unruly crowd of hundreds took over part of hollywood boulevard last evening. they refused to leave after trying to crash a movie premiere at the famous grauman's chinese theater. some threw objects at police in riot gear. at least one windshield was
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broken. the hotel maid accusing dominique strauss-kahn of sexual assault says these not pursuing it with money. tapes seem to portray her as a gold divisioner but after listening to the tapes yesterday diallo's attorney says that is not so. we're also getting our first look at what it was like last friday as that bomb blast rocked the center of oslo, norway. security cameras were rolling when the explosion happened. it killed eight people. anders breivik has confessed as well as to the massacre that killed 68 people later that same day. there is international outrage over this video from libya. the man in the wheelchair is al megra megrahi. he was freed back in 2009hen a doctor said he had only three months to live because of cancer. britain's foreign secretary says that medical advice was pretty
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much worthless. another international incident on our own soil. turns out the u.s. was recently invaded by mexican soldiers. more than 30 members of the mexican army crossed the border in humvees and started crossing a bridge over the rio grandee river and couldn't turn around without entering the u.s. processed by authorities and sent home. harm done. >> now, a look at the morning's weather from around the country. some isolated tornadoes. 80-mile-an-hour winds and hail from rapid city and omaha to des moines, chicago and detroit. heavy monsoon storms in the desert southwest in albuquerque to denver and scattered showers and storms around houston, new orleans, memphis an atlanta. >> 90 from miami to baltimore and 84 here in new york. dallas heats up to 100 degrees. 96 in kansas city. 88 in minneapolis. a mild 73 in seattle. 87 in salt lake city. 106 in phoenix. and coming up after the break, telltail sign of the
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times. even the tooth fairy is feeling the crunch. >> "jeopardy's" alex trebek prepping for surgery. jumping into the water with jaws. what made this totally sober man jump onto a giant shark.
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the u.s. debt deadlock is hurting markets overseas.
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tokyo's nikkei average was off 146 points today. hong kong's hang seng is down more than 200 and in london the ftse opened lower. waltz, the dow plunged almost 200 points yesterday. meanwhile, the nasdaq index lost 75 for its worst day in five months. and there is new evidence the economy is not getting any better. a survey by the federal reserve finds that economic growth slowed this summer in eight of its 12 districts. even the regions that reported growth said it was only moderate. the fed blames high unemployment, weak home sales and signs after a slowdown in manufacturing. if you bought an airline ticket in the past week everyone agrees you should get your money back but from whom? the government is no longer collecting some taxes on tickets but most airlines pocked the difference instead of lowering prices. the irs wants the airlines to issue the refunds but the airlinin say, no, they sent the money to the government and the irs should pay. now, there's no longer any need for working mothers to feel
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guilty. a new british study finds that being a working mom does not it actually improves the chances the kids will be well adjusted especially with girls. boys, on the other hand tend to suffer when mom is the sole breadwinner. stay-at-home moms are more likely to be depressed. how much the truth fairy leaves? kids reaching under their pill loys are now finding an average of 40 cents less per tooth. that's down from $3 a year ago to just $2.60. the biggest decrease was in the east while in the west going rate for baby teeth actually went up. >> getting pricier these days. for the private pilot who has everything, a vehicle that does everything. it is called the flying car. it has wings that fold, making it small enough to drive on normal roads. note the idea isn't that frustrated motorists c c zoom over a traffic jam although that would be super cool.
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when a pilot lands in a small airport he or she won't have to find a ride into town. >> let's pick one up after the show today here in manhattan. >> same vehicle everywhere you go. >> not bad. when we come back this morning a struggle for survival. a private pilot crashes into the great lakes and has to tread water for nearly a day. >> he calls it a once-in-a-lifetime chance to swim with one the biggest fishes on earth.
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at petsmart®. introducing honey bunches of oats, raisin medley. there's nothing like it! the only cereal with 1, 2, 3 kinds of raisins and crunchy multigrain flakes. you gotta try new honey bunches of oats raisin medley. right now you're looking at an american tradition, the annual pony swim on chincoteague, virginia. the horses are rounded up and today they'll be auctioned off to benefit the volunteer fire department that cares for them. thousands came out to see the spectacle. >> quite a sight. all those horses in the water.
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now for a look at morning road conditions, flooding on i-80 from omaha to des moines. denver to albuquerque, flooded and i-40 into flagstaff. slick from houston to jacksonville and on i-95 from savannah to miami. flying today, airport delays are possible in kansas city, chicago, detroit and denver. and "jeopardy" host alex trebek is set to undergo surgery after a run-in with a brazen burglar at a san francisco hotel. >> trebek ended up with a cast that he'll have to wear for the next six weeks. details have kgo's vic lee. >> reporter: this is how he explained why he was hobbling on crutches. >> the answer is at 2:30 yesterday morning, chasing a burglar down the hall at my san francisco hotel.
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>> reporter: trebek hosted the national geographic world championship at google headquarters in mountain view. he and his wife stayed at the downtown marriott in san francisco. and that's where the burglar struck. trebek says he was awakened by an intruder in the room. it was lucinda moyers, a 56-year-old burglar with a long rap sheet. trebek chased her down the hallway until his heel gave way. he tore his achilles tendon. that didn't stop him. >> i called security immediately and gave them a good description of the woman, and they got her. >> reporter: the suspect was later apprehended by one of the security inside the hotel and they recovered some of the stolen items minus the cash. >> reporter: he got his wallet and cell phone back. still miss something a piece of jewelry that has great sentimental value. >> the one piece of jewelry is a
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bracelet my mother gave me many years ago so that's gone. >> reporter: police won't say how she got in but she was not armed and his life was never in jeopardy. trebek says he'll go in surgery friday for that torn achilles lee. vic lee. imagine surviving a small plane crash only to have to tread water for 17 hours. michael trapp's small plane crashed into lake huron during his flight from upstate new york to wisconsin. he was in the water all night without a life jacket while battling four to five-foot waves until he managed to attract the attention of some boaters. trapp says he kept going by simply thinking of all the people depending on him in all the things in life he still wants to do. good thought. >> that'll keep you going. starting monday drivers in los angeles won't have to worry about getting caught by red light cameras. the city council voted to end it that has been costing them money
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since 2004. that's because the fines are largely considered voluntary and the court doesn't go after those who pay. those who did pay won't get refund. >> shocking. well, turning to sports news. a bit of unusual baseball history has been written when the angels took on the indians yesterday. details now from adnan virk from espn news. >> good morning. 2010 was the year the pitcher of major baseball and no different. for the angels on wednesday, taking on the indians after an unearned run santana had it going, 0-6, e.r.a. of 5.0. lost his swing andnd missing. travis, laporta, cabrera, your victims. bottom of six, a no-hitter intact. howie kendrick, that's nice. kendrick, i knew the situation, we all did, just happy to play a part. later in the sixth, ezekiel have
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era, hafner rung up again, no-hitter through seven. carlos santana, no relation, no family feud,, no hard feelings. kipnis, check yourself before you wreck yourself. no-hitter through eight innings he considered it. and the ninth, he was roughed up. this time sweet redemption. travis buck looking. next batter is carrera. he will meekly ground out to second and santana is one out away from the no-hitter. with his manager mike scioscia looks on. he said it's excitement. against michael braley, to center, sometimes i amaze myself, the first no-hitter of his career. angels' first no-hitter in over 20 years as they won 3-1.
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check out the highlight express on espn news. >> now we turn to pretty heart-stopping video from the waters off massachusetts. a fisherman making what appears to be a death-defying leap. >> this home video shows eric jacobs voluntarily getting up close and personal with a huge shark. he deliberately jumps on the shark and rides it for about 15 feet. he called it the experience of a >> felt real comfortable with it and i feel to need this fish and need to swimm with him and be part of it. i've been waiting for an opportunity like this my whole life. see something big out on the water like this. >> jacob isn't quite as brave or crazy as he looks. the shark was actually a basking shark which only eats small fish and tiny organism. >> even still, i'm not quite sure all these stories of people getting bitten by sharks and you're riding on one like a pony.
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near corpus christi late tomorrow night. the state could get up to 6 inches of some right now you're looking at much needed rain but it's not expected to end the historic drought. police are leading a search for 11-year-old celina cass in and around her hometown in northern new hampshire. she disappeared between 9:00 p.m. monday night and tuesday morning. there are no signs of a struggle and it's not believed cass would have run away. opening statements are expected to the trial of polygamist leader warren jeffs. charged with two counts of sexually assaulting a child and documented raided can be used as evidence. marine biologists will try to push this 40-ton gray whale back out to sea. the mother whale as been lost in a northern california river. his calf back in the ococn. they have used recordings to try to scare it toward the ocean. but that does not seem to have worked. now, for some of you local news is next. for everyone else a huge
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next, the battle aboard a flight that ended with two men arrested and the pilot injured. what passengers said led to the fight flight. and exclusive interview police say broke into a woman's hotel alex trebek's hotel room. >> we do have a warming trend on the way. heat wave is back i >> dancing this morning. nonobad. well, finally this morning a bit more baseball. the pirates and brave wrap up their current series in atlanta. >> everyone is still talking
4:28 am
point incident early yesterday morning that ended the team's 19-inning marathon. >> as abc's josh elliott reports, the braves' win camamin the most controversial fashion. >> reporter: it was an umpire's worst nightmare. an unquestionably bad call made at the most inopportune time. >> and they got him! no, he called him safe! >> reporter: the images seemed so crystal clear. there's the throw. the collision. and the tag. plainly obvious to all who saw it except jerry meals, the only man whose opinion mattered. >> he called him safe! >> reporter: no sooner had meals gotten it all wrong, a fact he would later admit, than was heard the cry for instant replay, that technological referendum on human imprecision. and while baseball continues to mostly cling to its pastoral roots when only men, however
4:29 am
fallible, judge balls and strikes, safe and out, fair and foul. something jim joyce knows all too well. >> he's out! no, he's safe! >> reporter: when joyce called cleveland's jason donald safe with one out to go in a game last june, it cost detroit pitcher armando galarraga a perfect game and a place in history. joyce, like meals today, was left to make peace with his gaffe. though galarraga's forgiveness largely spared joyce a public flogging. >> i had a man up and do the right thing. >> reporter: while certitude is the goal, it's also rather undramatic. as we saw, it's the rare times when the boys in blue get it wrong, and so, in spite a reaction wholly inappropriate for just a game, that we're reminded how much we care, how great and thrilling g and soul-crushing our pastime can be all in the same instant. josh elliott, abc news


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